Thursday, August 16th, 2018


12:30 pm      LUNCH / REGISTRATION

                      San Felipe Foyer, 2nd Floor

1:00 pm        Registration and Welcome

                      San Felipe, 2nd Floor


1:15 pm       Basic Cardiac and Vascular Hemodynamics

                     Steven R. Bailey, MD


1:45 pm       Coronary Angiography: Case-Based Cine Review

                     S. Hinan Ahmed, MD


2:15 pm       HANDS-ON WORKSHOP

                     Company Simulator Booths


2:45 pm       Metabolic Approach to Cardiovascular Diseases

                     Robert J. Chilton, DO


3:15 pm       Anti-Platelet Therapies

                     S. Hinan Ahmed, MD


3:45 pm       Percutaneous Valve Therapies: How Far Have We Come?

                     Steven R. Bailey, MD


4:15 pm       HANDA-ON WORKSHOP

                     Company Simulator Booths


4:45 pm       Current and Future State of Heart Failure Management

                     Rushit R. Kanakia, MD


5:15 pm       Advances in Arrhythmia Management

                     Manoj M. Panday, MD and Jayasree Pillarisetti, MD, MSc 


5:45 pm      Why and What a Cardiology Fellow Should Know?

                    Anand Prasad, MD


6:15 pm      Finance / Billing / Misc. 



6:45 pm      Fellows Welcome Reception